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Your family and wholesale supermarket

CASH DIPLO was founded in 2008, and after having gone through different processes of transformation and changes, today we say that we are a 100% Spanish company, which has become a benchmark for Cash & Carry at a national level, whose main business It is based on the HORECA sector, but without neglecting families, always thinking of your comfort and savings.


We have 23 stores in total, of which 14 are located in the Canary Islands and 9 in the Peninsula, in addition to having a presence in Ceuta and Melilla with an establishment in each city. The sales area of ​​our centers, for the whole of Spain, reaches 40,000 m2 managed by a staff of more than 300 workers and increasing more and more.


We have a long history in the distribution of food products, beverages, bazaars, drugstores, charcuterie, fresh and frozen products, with formats adapted for Hospitality and Retail customers, offering all our customers the guarantee of having a Cash of proximity where you can find the largest assortment of brands.


Our employees are our greatest asset, we have a great team of experienced professionals, committed to the company's objectives and made up of a group of distribution experts who work every day to provide our clients with a fast and efficient service to guide the professional in the products that best suit your business.

We work every day with the commitment to be faithful to our motto

"The cheapest and closest to your business"

The following services are available to our clients:

· Home service

· Free parking

· Customer Service

· Personalized attention from our employees.

Own brands

CASH DIPLO not only offers the largest and best selection of national and international brands, but we also put at your disposal our own brands that will allow you to have the highest quality at the best price in mass consumption formats and references, where you can obtain greater profitability. .

The brand for your hospitality business with the highest quality
The brand for your hospitality business at the best price.
The best products available to everyone.
Product sheets

En este apartado puede consultar o descargar las fichas de producto de los productos comercializados por CashDiplo. Le facilitaremos las fichas de los productos pertenecientes a nuestras marcas y las del resto de productos agrupados por fabricantes o distribuidores.

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