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Standard Cash

For this store concept, due to its size and other requirements, it is necessary to find an environment outside of urban areas. They are mainly spaces with a strategic location and good access, in order to maximize their performance, which allows us a versatile implementation while being able to respond to the needs of our customers and urban requirements, typical of this type of store.

With this we do not want to limit ourselves to being able to be within the cities, but we understand that the chances of finding a viable option within the urban centers are slim.

However, urban estates are locations that fit perfectly for this type of store and it is the growth proposal on which we are working.

Proximity supermarket

Joining the concept of urban stores or local supermarkets is part of our strategy, with the aim of being closer to our customers, making their lives easier and being socially responsible. It has been shown that the proximity supermarket format allows multiple ways of practicing sustainable mobility and is positioned as one of the commercial formats that best contributes to reducing emissions in mobility for reasons of purchase, and we are committed to it.

We integrate into existing spaces and locations in urban centers, with a modern architectural proposal, adapted to the environment of the location and commitment to the community.

Guidelines for New Locations

CASHDIPLO - Málaga, Benalmadena, Torremolinos

Urban Area Warehouse 3,000 m2 with 30 parking spaces EITHER Plot


5,000 m2, preferable tertiary use, industrial use is being studied.

Table with possibilities for future growth.

CASHDIPLO - Huelva, Punta Umbría, El Rompido, Islantilla

Urban Area Warehouse 3,000 m2 with 30 parking spaces


5,000 m2 plot, preferable tertiary use, industrial use is being studied.

SUPERDIPLO - Madrid Centro

 500 m2 Local

SUPERDIPLO - Madrid Centro

500 m2 Local 

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