Testimonials in reviews


Sgo Vea
"I really like this supermarket, it has certain things that you can't find in other places, although it's not my case it's ideal for bar and restaurant shopping."

India Chaves
"You can buy in large quantities as well as small ones. Good prices and a wide variety of items"

Luis Alfonso Romero Rodríguez
"Spacious, clean, comfortable, friendly"

Enrique Medina Ramos
"Supermarket with competitive prices, clean and good treatment, I love it."

Oscar L.B.J.
"Good prices and your brand vivó excellent value for money. Clean and well laid out everything"

Manuel Murillo Rojas
"Quality articles. Unbeatable prices. Everything continues +-. Despite the daily ups and downs, there was little impact on prices."

Maria Del Carmen Fernández Alonso
"There are very good products, top brands and good prices. Parking adapted for the disabled"


Maria encarna Santillana Salazar

"Good products and good customer service"

Transportes PEON Josefa Sánchez

"Quick and friendly"

Rolando Bravo Castillo

"Good place to download, friendly people 😉 👍🏽"

Angel jcsb

"Kindness and great assortment... To highlight the atmosphere of the staff among themselves and with customers... We always feel comfortable shopping there...."

José Domingo Sánchez Robles

"Variety in products and hospitality formats. Very attentive employees. recommendable


Alfonso Sanchez Periñán

"Very qualified staff, calm purchases and very good prices"

Miguel Gutiérrez

"Clean place and good prices"

Ana Velázquez

"Cheap prices on brands, everything very tidy and easily accessible compared to other places with the same characteristics

Bros Tirado

"Very good place for food and hospitality wholesalers, for its quality products and prices, it also has very advantageous offers"


"I'm from PIZZERIA YOBELY I use this Cash because it's a great site where you can find everything you need, good prices and very good service from the workers ;)"

Rocío Gómez

"I love it, it's not as crowded as other Diplos, the times I've been there there's no queue at the checkout, you finish right away"

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